Thanks YouTube! Wilt vs. Kareem

Ben Gulker (@brgulker) of Pistons by the Numbers shared this great video showing off Wilt Chamberlain vs. Kareem. In terms of statistical giants, these two are up there. In the realm of basketball this really was a Babe Ruth vs. Hank Arron like comparison. Wilt Chamberlain was a prolific scorer. What people don’t always realize is that prior to Wilt, there weren’t prolific scorers! In 1961 Wilt scored over 3000 points shooting over 50% true shooting. This was unheard of at the time! He was also killer at rebounding. Of course, Wilt played in the same era as the Russell lead Celtics, so rings would always be a problem in terms of his accolades. While he did move to Los Angeles eventually, it was too late in his career and Jerry West was great but not Magic great. Given the age gap, it’s not quite fair to say this was an even fight. Regardless, watching these two giants square off is something magical.



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