When more isn’t necessarily better


Over at The NBA Geek, Patrick Minton has written a great piece on how more data isn’t necessarily a guarantee of improved performance.

On NBA.com yesterday, there was an article about the benefits of the NBA’s partnership with Stats LLC to add SportVU cameras to its stadiums. Specifically, the article attempts to illustrate the kinds of statistics that these cameras will gather, and how they are going to make all of us a lot smarter about the game.

Except, first, they are going to make some smart management teams a lot smarter, and they are going to make some not-so-smart management teams a lot dumber. Why? The subtitle of this article might be “A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing”, or, as Justin Wolfers once said, “Bad statistics are worse than useless, they’re harmful.”

He also takes the example (provided in the original NBA.com article) of Reggie Evans and Brook Lopez. Both of these two players have been mentioned a lot here at Wages of Wins, and both could be considered site favourites (albeit for different reasons).

Head on over to The NBA Geek to get your Reggie fix, and read a great article!

– Devin

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