Does strength of schedule matter in NCAA FBS football?

NCAA football stadium

Stacey Brook is on a roll when it comes to writing about college football. This week, in addition to posting his Top 25 rankings, Stacey has posted about the Texas Longhorns, Arizona State extending head coach Todd Graham, and has revisited the issue of strength of schedule. Take it away, Stacey:

In November 2010 I wrote a blog about the impact of strength of schedule on winning in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision. What I concluded was that strength of schedule does not have a statistically significant effect on winning percentage in FBS college football. So I thought that now would be a good time to revisit the strength of schedule argument, as this is the time in the season where teams have played a larger proportion of their games against poor performing FBS teams or against FCS teams. Thus this should be the time where schedule strength should have the greatest impact on winning percent. I collected the data for all 125 teams in the NCAA FBS (winning percent, points scored, points surrendered and a measure of strength of schedule) through the third week of the 2013 regular season, since this seems to be a time period for strength of schedule to have the greatest impact on winning percent.

Click on through to see Stacey’s latest conclusions on strength of schedule in FBS football!

– Devin

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