Time for a real Allan Houston rule?

Will we be seeing more of this in the future? (image credit: Bryan Thatcher)

Will we be seeing more of this in the future? (image credit: Bryan Thatcher)


According to this Bleacher Report article, it’s likely that former Knick Allan Houston will become New York’s GM at some point in the future:

With the help of four individuals who have consulted with Houston and Grunwald—some quoted as sources above—Bleacher Report gained a unique perspective into Houston’s possible future in New York. The overall consensus is that he will likely be the Knicks GM one day. When that is? Who knows.

Why do so many people think Houston will make a good GM in New York?

His communication skills and ability to evaluate talent. In this current climate of the NBA where everything is weighted on advance metrics, Allan, from his experience as a player, knows how to evaluate talent and he understands team chemistry. His experience the past few years in the front office under Glen and Donnie I’m sure has proved invaluable for him. He’s also a great mentor. That skill set has been lost in most front offices today.

Over the course of his NBA career, Houston was paid more than $117 million, was a two-time NBA All-Star, and scored more than 14,000 points. But Houston didn’t do much more than score, and he wasn’t particularly efficient in scoring those points. Consequently, he only produced about 24 wins in his 12 NBA seasons. This matches the profile of the type of player who has led the Knicks to so little success in the past 40 years.

And now it seems that at some point in the future this former overrated scorer is going to evaluate players for the Knicks. Given his experience, what type of players do we think he will value in New York? Is it time for a real Allan Houston rule?

Of course, being a productive NBA player is no guarantee of success either — Michael Jordan’s record as an NBA executive has been atrocious. So maybe Houston will make a better GM. But his past experience shouldn’t fill Knicks’ fans with confidence.

– DJ (with some help from Devin)

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