Can You Predict the NBA Future?

In a little over 24 hours the NBA season will start. The theories that have been brewing all offseason will be put to the test. While we accept the sheer folly in attempting to predict the complexities of a 1230 game season, which is rife with trades, injuries, etc, we just can’t help ourselves. The Boxscore Geeks will be putting on a contest to see who can predict the regular season best.

Boxscore Geeks Fan 2013 Prediction Challenge

Head on over and prove your mettle. This contest was inspired by the winner of our 2013 Playoff Smackdown – Rich Hagler (@RichHagler). Rich picked all fifteen playoff series correctly, as well as six of the series in the correct number of games! As a prize we gave Rich a free custom shirt, designed by the amazing Jeremy Britton(@forgttenboy), and a post on any topic he wanted.



As for the post? Rich chose a crafty “wish for 100 more wishes” and requested a regular season contest. Hopefully this lives up to Rich’s expectations. We’ll be offering the same prize this year: a free custom shirt and a post topic of your choosing (within reason. See Rich for pushing the limits :) )

We do have some cheat sheets up at the Boxscore Geeks if you want a little help. So go forth, predict, and prove your skills!


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