Tweeting Thoughts on the NBA

My sense is that not everyone who reads this blog follows me on Twitter.  So I thought I would share some of what you are missing (so you can feel good about your choice :)

To summarize what you will see below:

  • Russell Westbrook hasn’t been good this year.
  • Pacers and Spurs are winning without top picks
  • Monta Ellis is still scoring without producing many wins.
  • Lee Panas is still doing great work analyzing baseball
  • The Knicks and Nets are not good.  Melo is a reason for that outcome for the Knicks (although he can’t be blamed for the problems in Brooklyn)

Those are a few of my thoughts this week.  Many of these link back to BoxScoreGeeks. Obviously that data gets updated daily.   And that means the stat I am noting when I tweeted might not be the same today (although I think all my stories are still essentially the same looking at the data this morning). Perhaps I can do this more often so that these are a bit more current.

– DJ









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