Talking Sports with Kathleen Hays of Bloomberg Radio

Traditionally, New Year’s Day is the day for people to watch college football.  When I was growing up, there weren’t many bowl games on any other day.  Of course, now there are 35 bowl games and January 1st isn’t so special.

That being said, football will start in about an hour.  And while we wait, I thought I would post a link to my conversation with Kathleeen Hays (of the Hays Advantage) on Bloomberg radio yesterday.

Kathleen and I talked for about eight minutes.  In our conversation we discussed the college bowl games, Black Monday in the NFL, and the problems of the Knicks and Nets.   Along the way I note that a) I think I prefer bowl games to a playoffs, b) I don’t think firing coaches accomplishes much in the NFL, and (this won’t surprise anyone) c) I think Carmelo Anthony isn’t helping the Knicks much.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

– DJ