Writing About the Brooklyn Nets at theAtlantic.com

The Brooklyn Nets are the most expensive team in history.  And before the season started, some thought this team could contend in the East.  But with more than 30 games played, the Nets are not even in the playoff picture in the East.

Many have blamed Jason Kidd (or team chemistry).  At The Atlantic’s website, though, I argue that we shouldn’t have expected the Nets to contend.  And coaching and chemistry aren’t the most likely explanations.

Readers of The Wages of Wins and Stumbling on Wins will find much of this story familiar.  My story touches upon how to measure performance, what gets you paid in the NBA, and the impact of age and coaching.  In addition, there is a discussion of why Dr. J. was a great player!

In the end, I conclude that Kidd is not to blame.  It was unlikely that this team was going to contend for a title.  Certainly injuries haven’t helped (something else that Kidd couldn’t stop).  But even if everyone was healthy, the Nets were not likely to justify the money spent on this roster.

– DJ

P.S. By the way, I keep meaning to comment on the collapse of the Detroit Lions.  As a fan of this team (yes, it is true), I have some thoughts about what happened.  Hopefully I will get these thoughts posted soon.

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