Talking Memphis Grizzlies with Three Shades of Blue, Underpaid NBA Players, and Stacey Brook’s Recent Work!

Chip Crain – of Three Shades of Blue – recently sent along some questions about the Memphis Grizzlies.  My answers were posted earlier this week.  The interview touches upon the Wins Produced of the Grizzlies, injuries, forecasting, and the value of line-up analysis.

And about a month ago (yes, I am way behind on this stuff), Tom Van Riper – of – created a list of the NBA’s most “underpaid” NBA players.  Van Riper’s approach employs Wins Produced (and follows from the approach taken in this forum in the past).  What is really cool about Van Riper’s work (at least, from my perspective) is that he no longer requires my help.  Tom is able to do all this himself.  Let me amend that statement. He does utilize Wins Produced data from BoxScoreGeeks.  But that data doesn’t require my help, either!

It is possible (or maybe it is not) that some people might want to see more “Wages of Wins” analysis a bit more often (beyond what you can get at BoxScoreGeeks!).  If you are in this group, let me recommend the work of Stacey Brook (who is one of the “Wages of Wins” co-authors!).  Recently, Stacey posted at his blog the following stories:

Each of those posts are well worth reading.  And you might want to make it a habit of following Stacey’s blog.

As for this forum… I have a number of blog posts people have sent along.  Will try and get these posted very soon.

– DJ