Breaking my Radio Silence (with thoughts on tennis, the World Cup, and the NBA)

I have not been too attentive to this forum lately.  Other than refereeing the fight between Isiah Thomas fans and people who like numbers (I think the numbers people won that fight :), I have been fairly quiet.  This is because I have been busy working on my papers for the Western Economic Association meetings and writing for the Atlantic.

Now that the Atlantic piece has appeared and the WEA meetings have ended, I can now break my radio silence.  And what better way to end this silence than to post links of me talking on the radio (or something like the radio).

Okay, there are probably many better things to post.  But I am choosing to post the following links.

  1. Let’s start with my conversation today with Kathleen Hays of Bloomberg Radio.   Our conversation only lasted five minutes. In these five minutes we touched upon age and performance in tennis, rising demand for soccer in the United States, and why LeBron James opted out in Miami.  With respect to age in sports, this brief article by Ryan Rodenberg is worth reading.
  2. Prior to the draft I had a conversation with Andres Alvarez — of BoxScoreGeeks — about the NBA draft.  In his conversation I argued that people should not grade draft picks.  One can listen to hear my entire argument (I think).  But let me summarize with a few thoughts.  First, although we do know something about players selected out of college, what we can see in the data is really just tendencies.   In other words, there is a tendency for players who rebound and shoot efficiently in college to be productive NBA players.  And there doesn’t appear to be a tendency for young scorers on winning college teams to be productive NBA players.  But tendencies are not destiny!  And my sense is that draft grades give people the impression that we “know” a certain player will definitely be “good” or “bad”.   Such an impression seems to exaggerate what we actually know.  All that being said… if you are going to look at draft grades, look at the work of Arturo Galletti!
  3. The sale of the Clippers has been big news in the past few weeks.  Twice I was interviewed on Bloomberg.  On April 29 (before the sale), I spoke on the Hays Advantage on this topic (before we had gotten very far in the story).  And on May 30 I spoke with Primm Fox and Carol Massar at Taking Stock on the sale to Steve Ballmer.
  4. And what would be better than to hear a translation of an interview into Russian?  A few weeks ago I was asked to comment about the World Cup in Brazil by Gregory Katsenelinboigen from Radio Free Europe, Russian Service.   The focus of the interview was on government spending for this event.  Because the interview as for a Russian audience, what I said was translated into Russian.  And not only is there an audio version, one can also read the interview.  Of course, you have to know how to read Russian.  Gregory did note that my Russian name is ДЭВИДБЕРРИ. So when you see that, you are reading the part covering what I said (I think).

Okay, those are my spoken thoughts from the past few weeks.  We are working on another post on the WNBA.  And I also want to comment on a number of written articles that quote me (or something I said sometime).

Until we get that up I just want to say… yes, John Stockton did produce more wins in the NBA than Isiah Thomas.  But if you don’t believe that… well, I am okay with that :)

– DJ

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