Building a Brand by Blogging: Wages of Wins Edition

Rich Campbell is a marketing professor I used to work with at Cal-State Bakersfield.  We have both moved on from CSUB (I am at Southern Utah University and Rich is at Sonoma State).  But we still keep in touch.  Recently Rich decided to include me in his work on sports marketing.  At, Rich posted an e-mail conversation we had about “building a brand”.

Building a Brand by Blogging: Interview with David Berri of Wages of Wins Journal

Our conversation touches on the origins of this blog, the contribution of different writers, how this blog has impacted the writing I do elsewhere, and the writing of books.

One point I would re-emphasize here.  As I note, I think blogs should be primarily seen as a place where you can practice your writing.  As devices to promote books I think they are not very successful.  But if you enjoy writing (and I do), then blogs give you a chance to do this on a regular basis in a fashion you control.

As for “building a brand”… didn’t know I was doing this.  But Rich is the marketing guy, so if he says I was then I believe him :)

– DJ