Team USA Exhibition Stats

Saw the following on Twitter today (from John Schuhmann‏@johnschuhmann)

Cumulative USA stats through 4 exhibitions:


Just a few thoughts (beyond my apologies for the blurriness of the picture, had to make it bigger so you could see something).

James Harden, Derrick Rose, and DeMarcus Cousins haven’t shot so well.  Cousins is rebounding, so essentially he is doing what he normally does in the NBA (rebound and not necessarily hit his shots).

Three of the four players who were cut also didn’t shoot well.  Of course, they didn’t have much of a chance to shoot.  One could almost predict the cuts by just looking at who got to play.

And finally, most everyone else has played quite well. Of course, that should happen.  These are NBA players mostly going up against non-NBA talent.   These players should do well.  And when they don’t, we should wonder why.

– DJ




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