Why Can’t Basketball Fans Be Like Baseball Fans?

So this is what this once proud website has been reduced to!

Once upon a time the people at Box Score Geeks contributed to this website (and it was great!).  But now they are off on their own (and doing great!). And that leaves this site looking for content (because I am now lazy).

I could just re-post Box Score Geeks stuff.  But that’s probably a bit redundant since I guess people who come here also go there.

But even if that is the case, you may not see the comments.  I thought the following two observations  — from this post ( http://www.boxscoregeeks.com/articles/the-big-numbers-on-bad-teams-myth) —   were quite good:

Why do baseball fans always seem to get efficiency and basketball fans look at totals? Batting Avg is probably the 2nd most famous stat in baseball where as fg% and 3% aren’t even on the top column in any newspaper. Seems like most basketball fans are way behind the times….
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It’s a real embarrassment. You don’t see many baseball articles now that don’t make reference to OBP and OPS, but you’re lucky to see a basketball article that takes note of even grossly inefficient scoring when the point totals are high enough.


And yes, I agree.  Basketball fans have a hard time with efficiency numbers.  Consequently players who are not really that productive — like Carmelo Anthony — receive an amazing amount of attention from the fans and the media.  If people better understood efficiency, this coverage — I think — would be much reduced.

– DJ



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