Two Interviews and Two Articles

Here are few quick links highlighting some of what I have been up to lately.

First, I was interviewed for MarketPlace for two recent stories.  The first — Grading the Political Campaign Manager – looks at how political campaign managers are evaluated.  It appears that this is not quite the same process faced by coaches in sports.  The second story appeared yesterday.  The NBA’s Experiment:  Offering a Shorter Game  looks at the NBA’s experiment with a 44-minute game.  I am not enthused with this idea.  I do think the game could be made chronologically shorter by just changing the ability of teams to foul repeatedly in a vain attempt to win a game.

In addition to these interviews, I am also writing (just not here much).  At Huffington Post I addressed a recent study that seemed to suggest college coaches are worth the wage they are paid. As I note, You Can’t Study College Coaches Without Looking at the Players.

In addition, I am now writing for  My first article — Major League Baseball is Less Competitive Than We Think — addressed Bud Selig’s claim that he has improved competitive balance in baseball.

I will continue posting links to my future writings at

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