Kobe Shooting and College Football Rivalries

My latest for Time.com — Kobe Bryant Should Start Shooting Less — is fairly self explanatory.  Yes, I think if Kobe is going to continue to have an effective field goal percentage of 42.4%, then the Lakers should want someone else to start shooting a bit more (if they want to win).  Of course, some might argue the Lakers should want to lose to enhance their draft position.  I continue to find the argument unpersuasive.  But that is a discussion for another day.

On the topic of shooting too much…. Paul Shirley made a very good observation on a recent  ShortCorner Podcast (I believe it was the 11/20 episode, but it might have been the 11/27 podcast).  Paul noted that a player who insists on monopolizing a team’s shots will demoralize his teammates.   It is something to think about when we consider the impact of the NBA’s chuckers.

And one last unrelated note.  Yesterday there was a somewhat lengthy article on changing college football rivalries in the Deseret News (one of Salt Lake City’s major newspapers).  I am quoted a few times on the subject.   It seems worth reading (or maybe that’s just true for me!).

– DJ

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