Comment Policy

Updated Comment Policy:

The policy is now “no comments in this forum”.  This is basically because the Wages of Wins Journal is not quite the active forum it was in the past.  I have moved on to write for places like  So essentially what is posted in this forum is a) links to columns written elsewhere or b) the occasional column written by someone else.  The latter, though, are infrequent.

Because the blog is only updated a few times a month, no one is really paying enough attention to moderate comments.  Consequently the few comments that have been posted recently have often languished for days until someone notices they are there.  Clearly that renders the comments less useful.

So if you do feel the need to comment on whatever is posted here, please just send me an e-mail at   Thanks.

– DJ



Old Comment Policy:

At the Wages of Wins we both enjoy and encourage user feedback. Many of our posts start from discussions either in the comment section or elsewhere. We want to make sure our comment area is an area to promote good discussion. With that in mind we have a few policies.

Policies – Strongly Enforced

  • Don’t be a jerk: Don’t attack other users. Don’t use personal attacks. Don’t be too aggressive. We all know sports fans get passionate on subjects. Take a little bit of time to cool off before hitting submit.
  • Don’t spam: Don’t keep repeating the same point. Keep your comments shorter than 1000 characters. Don’t post too many comments in a row on one post.
  • Don’t advertise: If you have a great post that relates to a subject we’re talking about it, please pass it along. But don’t use the comment section to advertise your blog or unrelated topics. If you have a subject you’d like us to address, feel free to e-mail

Polite Suggestions

We have built an impressive user community over the years and we want to continue to do that. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Read the FAQ first I know,I know, not the most fun advice. We’ve heard a lot of the same comments/complaints over the years. We’ve collected many of them in our FAQ ( So if you have a major complaint, check here first. If we haven’t addressed it, or haven’t addressed it to your liking, bring it up!
  • Ask, don’t tell Again, we love dialogue around here. It’s very easy to come in opinions blazing. Sometimes the easiest way to get a good response to this is to use the Jeopardy trick and phrase it as a question – “Why isn’t Kobe a top 5 shooting guard?” as opposed to “Are you kidding me? Kobe is a top five shooting guard!”
  • If you want a post, ask us for it We have a lot of talented writers but not unlimited time. If you have a fun subject, ask us to write more about it! Even better, if you have a fun subject and solid data and analysis, offer a guest post! We love new material.

Dre’s Simple Rules

I know there’s a lot of text up there. I will simply say that my comment for my posts, I will use the following filter. If your comment fulfills two out of the following three things, it should get an instant pass from me:

  • Is it polite?
  • Is it short? (Again, if you have a lot to say, write a blog post and feel free to link!)
  • Is it insightful?

Of course, there are always exceptions, but that’s pretty much all I’m looking for.

Final Say

I feel bad having to put this up here, but some people have been very vocal across the web, so I figured I’d address it. Commenting at the Wages of Wins blog is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right not to post your comment. We are not stopping you from writing your own blog, or talking on any of the many social media sites out there. Thus, we are not censors. We are offering our content for your enjoyment. Beyond that, we have made no agreement with you. Thus, if your comment doesn’t go up, it does not mean you are banned.

And a note from anyone that might say otherwise on the above. In the history of the Wages of Wins, there have been only three people that have been explicitly asked to leave. This was via e-mail after many of their comments had been posted and many e-mails were exchanged. I have seen several people since claim they have been banned. None of them were one of the three above. So, a common and important warning, don’t believe everything you read on the net.

Thanks for keeping the comments fun and interesting.