Predict the future, win a BounceX3 t-shirt

New Rule: With a week left a few people have wondered if they could guess again. I don’t want to be unfair to prognosticators that were right from the get go. As such, I have a compromise. You can take a second guess BUT your guess must be a top 10 for ALL players for the season AND it must win outright by a +1 PoP (and of course you may only have one active guess at a time.)

To celebrate the last month of the season the Wages of Wins Network is running a contest partnering with the best basketball webcomic off all time: BounceX3. The goal is to guess the single best game performance by a player using the Wins Produced metric before the season ends. Whichever person picks the best single player performance wins a free BounceX3 t-shirt (see your choices here. I recommend this one.) You also get the glory that goes along with winning a contest on a stats blog! Here are the rules:

  • Any guesses must come before the game you guess (seems obvious but I figured I’d throw it out there)
  • First guess for a player/date combo wins for that guess. There are no ties!
  • I’ll ship to continental U.S., if you live outside of that we can discuss shipping but I might not be able to ship it to you.
  • Leave your guess in the comments, tweet them to @nerdnumbers or e-mail them to (please put T-Shirt contest in the subject)
For fun here’s a list of the guesses. I’ll keep it updated with new guesses and results as they occur. For this table we use the Points over Par variant of Wins Produced. This is a take from Arturo Galletti. We put Wins Produced in terms of how many points a player gains their team over a “par player” in a given game.

[table id=4 /]